Mt. Talamitam


11014622_1118667948149989_1807367152482568708_nSitio Bayabasan Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu

Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 with steep assault


0540 ETD Coastal Mall bus terminal to Nasugbu, Batangas (P120.00)
0800 ETA Registration area at Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga (KM. 83)
0830 Start trek
1030 Arrival at summit
1200 Start descent
0100 Back at registration area, head to Tagaytay or Manila

Estimated Budget : 300

Transportation Breakdown : 

BUS from Coastal Terminal P80.00

GUIDE ; P300 per day. Expect to be ‘required’ to get a guide specially if you never hiked Talamitam


You see the mountain on the right side our Guide Mang Rene said that they are going to have that opened and make a trail so that hikers could traverse. There are so many trail variations But the fastest way to reach the Summit is the trail in the middle part, Its a challenging, 60-degree trail before the peak

A lot of Bayabas trees along the way and duhat.

Mababait ang guide ikukuha ka pa nila ng Bayabas at Ihahatid ka sa sakayan 🙂

Suggested  4 Peaks in a day for brave souls 


Mt. Pico De Loro

Mt. Talamitam



The Summit

Some of the mountains visible from Mt. Talamitam are Mt. Batulao, Pico de Loro, Mt. Makiling, and to the southwest, the peaks of Lubang group of islands in Occidental Mindoro


Stolen Shot ni Mang Rene

Next Climb : Mt.Marami & Mt.Tarak Ridge

Burot Beach

The most affordable beach getaway near metro manila.


Located in Calatagan Batangas

map 3

Photo from:

ESTIMATED BUDGET  P1000 -1500 $22.37 -$ 33.56



  • P180 Aircon bus fare from Manila (Coastal Mall) to Calatagan Public Market
  • P 50  Tricycle fare from Calatagan Public Market to Burot Beach
  • P 65  Day Tour
  • P 130 Overnight
  • P 145 Aircon bus fare from Manila (Coastal Mall) to Lian, Batangas
  • P 85  Tagaytay Rotonda
  • P 38 Jeepney fare from Batangas to Calatagan Public Market
  • P 130  Boat Ride Tour – Mini Island Boracay Starfish Island – Sandbar

For Currency Converter

Transporatation Details

  • Take a bus (San Agustin, DLTB) headed to Lian,
  • Batangas at Coastal Mall .
  • Get off at Calatagan, Batangas.
  • Take a jeep headed to Calatagan, Batangas.
  • Get off at the Calatagan Public Market.
  • Take a tricycle to Burot Beach

11052456_1099485486734902_4436524937660355800_n BUS SCHEDULE (Celyrosa)

First Trip from Coastal Mall to Calatagan: 04:00am

Last Trip from Calatagan to Coastal Mall: 04:00pm Interval: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Burot Beach: Overnight Itinerary


  • 04:45-06:00 From Tagaytay to Calatagan, Batangas via private vehicle
  • 07:30-08:00 Find a campsite
  • 08:00-09:30 Breakfast
  • 10:00-10:30 Set up the campsite
  • 10:30-11:30 Picture taking
  • 11:30-01:00 Lunch
  • 01:00-01:30 Boat Ride
  • 01:30-02:30 Swimming in Mini Boracay
  • 03:00-03:30 Meryenda
  • 03:30-05:30 Swimming
  • 06:00-06:30 Dinner
  • 07:00 onwards Jack Daniels Time 😀


  • 05:30-06:00 Sunset
  • 06:00-07:00 Breakfast
  • 07:00-09:00 Swimming
  • 09:00-10:00 Swimming
  • 11:00-12:00 Prepare Lunch
  • 12:00-01:00 Siesta
  • 01:00-01:30 Boat ride
  • 01:30-02:30 Starfish Island and Sandbar
  • 03:00-04:00 Pack up
  • 04:00-06:00 Tagaytay City


Burot Beach is just one out of a thousand untouched beach in the Philippines.

Its untouched so that means no electricity no structures to expect. Its beautiful for people who appreciate the beauty of nature.

The best experience is the island hopping the Sandbar , Mini Boracay and the Jelly Fish Island.

Burot Beach was bought by a business man so as of now we can no longer visit the beach but we can still visit it once they open it to public again..

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Mt Pico de Loro


Mt Pico de loro

Ternate Cavite (2,178 ft)

It is a 60-meter natural rock formation often scaled by rock climbers.

One of the most visited mountains for beginners that is near Metro Manila. So if you want a quick escape from your everyday life at the office. If you want to try something new for the first time. Mt. Pico de loro is very much recommended for you. I have below detailed Itinerary on how our day went. Please feel free to apply it on your own trip or use it as a guide.




04:00 – Coastal Terminal

05:50 – DENR Station

06:00 – Start Trek from New trail

08:00 – Arrival at the Campsite

08:30 – Lunch

09:00 – Summit

10:20 – Monolith

11:00 – Start traverse to Old trail

01:30 – Arrival at Nasugbu

11229381_10153260151450505_3501743023633553217_nTRANSPORTATION FEES:

P90.00 Bus from Coastal to Ternate

P100.00 Trike to DENR Station

P25.00 Registration at the DENR

P500.00/3pax – Trike to Nasugbu Palengke

P65 – Jeep to Tagaytay


11196351_1089747161042068_7614851194351872548_n A lot of tree crossing on the new trail. The trail is clear and guides are not required but they will still insist that you get one specially for first timers. Nothing to worry about the sun burning your skin because the way up is covered by trees and more trees along the way until you reach the campsite.


10394566_1090164947666956_1271435117374255529_n 10985381_1090170030999781_6476857941215371433_n    CAMPIn this area you can see the summit and the monolith but it looks far. We took our first groupie picture and continue trekking.  If you reach this area that means you’re getting close to the campsite,  This photos are captured from the Campsite. We ate our lunch and continue taking pictures under the heat of the sun and when were ready to go to the summit  but there’s Halo-Halo for sale so we ate first. There are lot of mountaineers taking photos on this area and using the Summit and Monolith as there background. CAMPSITE hlo This photo at the right 11139968_1089735394376578_4771479106977309333_n were taken beside a big flat rock a cliff at the area where there are chairs made by bamboos , while waiting for other climbers to descend from the summit .

If you are confident enough to climb the steep terrain standing up then go on, Its a lot easier standing than crawling your way up. The summit has 360-degree view of the surroundings..



Climbing the rock peak is challenging thrilling and requires a bit of bouldering but is something to be proud of once completed

This part is the one and only way to the Monolith and traverse to Old trail, But there’s the cliff so you have to sit and slowly move your butt down

The 5 seconds terrifying climb to Monolith, I took the picture before I go down I’m waiting for others to climb  there way up. This is my selfie photo using the selfie stick on top of the Monolith, I was alone when I climb my way up after the breath taking climb there’s a guy peaking and said ”do you need help ma’am ? I said I’m good . Thank you, 

Then after a few seconds It was over actually I thought there is another set of cliff but its over and I saw a girl and said Congratulations ate. 



It was the most rewarding feeling that I ever felt in my entire life. 


Naparing Bataan

naparingBaranggay Naparing Bataan

Dinalupihan is a first class municipality in the province of Bataan, Philippines. It is the only land-locked municipality of the province.


“Dinalupijan” came from the festival rights of “Aeta” pygmies. To commemorate their idol “Idianalo”, the goddess of hunting and bountiful harvest.”Indianalo” was paired with the Sanskrit word “jann”, meaning paradise. Indianlopijann was the name given to the land that the “Aetas” received from their goddess which translates to Indianolo’s paradise

Naparing is just one out of 47 barangays in Bataan. We visited this place whenever there is a long vacation or we have leaves available.

Bataan is a  province it means some  houses here specially the one at the  top of the hill it doesn’t have electricity and water the nearest mall in town is at Olonggapo or Subic.

How did we spent our New year’s eve vacation?

We went here and

bataan  10386757_1015273415156110_6159633843020450780_n  10408091_1013484095335042_5807965203270268506_n


Mt. Balagbag

Mt. Balagbag l TUNGKO l DAY HIKE with our third wheel. 😀


04:00 – BUS to Tungko
05:30 – Jeep to Karahume or Licao-Licao*
07:00 Explore the waterfalls from Karahume
10:30 – Head off to the summit
12:00 – Summit
13:00 – Descend to Licao-Licao
15:00 – Go home


Estimated Budget : 400
Estimated Breakdown : 
Bus to Tungko – Php 40-70.00
Jeep to Licao-licao terminal. – Php28.00
Registration  – P20.00
Registration before Summit – P20.00
Jeep back to Tungko – P28.00
Bus to EDSA – Php 60-70.00

10437655_1047598878590230_7169111784026466296_n      10422212_1047598961923555_2476649958915075908_n

Mt Daraitan & Tinipak River

imageTanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon

Major jumpoff: Brgy. Daraitan,Tanay Rizal
Minor jumpoff: Sitio Cablao Brgy. Pagsangahan,
General Nakar
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Tropical forest, Limestone formations,
River trek, Cave

Yes (2 hrs to summit 1 to 2 hours down to Tinipak River )


Guide are required :
P500 Dayhike
1250 Overnight

Estimated Budget :
500-700 (Dayhike)
800-1000 (Overnight)

Public Transportation
P70-90 Jeep or van, EDSA-Shaw Crossing to Tanay
P26 Jeep Tanay to Sampaloc
P100 Tricycle, Tanay to Brgy. Daraitan
Registration P10 Brgy Hall

This is so memorable with a small budget you get to travel and experience the beauty of nature in Philippines.




Punta Belle

imagePunta Belle Nature Resort and Farm Adventure in Hermosa is one of the fastest rising resorts in the province of Bataan. The concept of the Punta Belle is to relive the childhood memories of the owner, the farm life. The resort was originally intended for rice field and a vacation house for family and friends, and an ideal setting for seminars. In 2010, Punta Belle started its operation and was opened to the public.

Public Transportation :

05:00 – Cubao Victory LIner Terminal

07:30 – Cubao to Naparing Bataan
08:00 – Tricylce to Punta Belle\

Rates : DAY TOUR ( 8AM TO 5PM)

(Jan 1- Feb 30)  (June 16- Sept 15)
(March 1 – June 15) (Sept 16- Dec 30)

imageKIDS 80-100 DAY  100-120/NIGHT

ADULT  120-150/DAY 150-180/NIGHT

TREE HOUSE ( max 8 ) 800/DAY 1000/NIGHT

UMBRELLA ( max 4) 350/DAY 450/NIGHT



BIG COTTAGE ( beside batis max 20) 2,000/DAY 3,000/NIGHT

BIG FLOATING COTTAGE ( max 40 ) 2,500/DAY 3,000/NIGHT

SOURCE : PUNTABELLE (Bataan Directory)

There is a good view from the place where you can see mountains, more than 1 swimming pool and there is a river at the side of the resort. A lot activities.

Mount batulao

New Trail to Old Trail (September 29, 2014)

07:30 – ETD Coastal Mall bus terminal to Nasugbu, Batangas
09:30 –  Arrival at Evercrest
0100 – Start trek
11:30 – Arrival at Fork. Take the middle/slightly right upward trail
12:00 – New Trail Campsite. Register.
2:00 – Arrival at summit;
12:00 – Start descent via Old Trail
14:00 – Arrival at New Trail Campsite. Register
15:00 Back at Evercrest
18:00 Go back to Tagaytay





Public Transportation :
P80 Bus, Coastal Mall to Tagaytay
P20 Jeep to Evercrest

Registration :
P20 per trail if you are just passing.
P30  If you are camping.

Estimated Budget : P600-900

Dayhikable :
2-3 hours to summit; 1-2 hours down


What I bought and  wear that day :

– leggings
– sports shirt
– belt bag

What he bought and wear that day
-small backpack
-1 liter of water

We enjoyed not bringing anything and that is the most important thing in travelling.

We ascend exactly 10:00am in the morning and descend exactly 6:00pm in the evening.. Because we used the new trail to ascend traverse to old trail and we hangout each good spots for picture taking , buko juice ofcourse and lugaw .

I just want to share what I cannot say to everyone. I started to love the beauty of nature. The feeling above all the mountains is very priceless. All mountaineer knows that. So I want to be as helpful as other bloggers do after they climb. Climb and share the beauty , knowledge , experience and most of all presenting my ITINERARY . ❤

imageimageI didn’t make this itinerary very detailed because what happens in the mountain stays in the mountain. So its you to discover yourself what you are reading write now. Have fun!


Mount Batulao is known as a very photogenic mountain and beginner’s mountain and  for its mountain formations as you go up and down the trail.


Mt Maculot

 Mt. Maculot
Cuenca, Batangas

Features: Scenic views of Taal Lake, rock formations, forests.


We don’t have a guide actually because its New Year and there is really no other people out there even just to register to except for the 3 Koreans we come across when we are ascending to  summit.

The Next day we got lost we are trying to find the Grotto good thing there is a signal though the battery is running out.

We retraced the trail and hopefully after 2 hours we were able to find the trail to descend the rope section to grotto and good thing there is stairs too.